Bruce Burdick, Board Chair

Charles Bostian, Board Vice-Chair

Eddie McGimsey, Treasurer 

Steve Schoeberle, Secretary

Carol Ervin

Nyoka Mazaleski

Chae Moore

Michael Vance

Sarah Collins

Eddie Barry

Byron Phipps


Burke Recovery was started as Burke Council on Alcoholism & Chemical Dependency, Inc. (BCACD) in 1966 by a group of concerned citizens who were looking for an agency to provide some education to the community and the school system about alcohol. At that time, the agency was called the Burke County Council on Alcoholism. The first money was initiated by the ABC Board and the County Commissioners.

BCACD started the Student Assistance Program in 1987. This is when the name was changed to Burke Council on Alcoholism & Chemical Dependency, Inc. In 1989 the Student Assistance Program had expanded into all of the middle and high schools in the county. In 1985-86, the council had become a United Way Agency. For the last 20 years we have had 3 Student Assistance Counselors. In 2009 we expanded our adolescent treatment services when we became the substance abuse provider for the JCPC (Juvenile Crime Prevention Council).

Because the scope of our mission centers around recovery, our name was changed to Burke Recovery in early 2015.

Besides continuing to work with young people, Burke Recovery has a Comprehensive Adult Clinical Services Program to meet the growing need for substance abuse services for adults in Burke County, particularly the under-served and uninsured. This program started in the fall of 2010 and allows BCACD to serve a full range of Burke citizens who need prevention/education, treatment and recovery support services.

Burke Recovery provides prevention and education services through the school system, other agencies and directly to the public with lectures, workshops and professional training.

Burke Recovery is a portal for prevention/education, treatment and recovery support services in Burke County. We take referrals from medical professionals, human service agencies, law enforcement and also self-referrals by clients. Call 828-433-1221 for more information.

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