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The Flynn Recovery Community is a program of Burke Recovery that provides a 90-day integrative, extended-care recovery program for men. The approaches used include Cognitive Behavioral Therapies with Motivational Interviewing techniques that focus on the whole person. Therapy goals include the exploration and learning of coping skills which address the body, mind, and spirit.

Our approach to recovery includes qualified post-treatment counseling and recovery coaching in a home-like environment with the following components:

  • 12-Step Philosophy

  • Recovery Tools

  • Relapse Prevention

  • Disease Model of Recovery

  • Health and Wellness Referrals

  • Nutrition

  • Mindfulness

  • Spirituality

  • Life Skills

  • Socialization

  • Departure Planning

In order to qualify for admission into the Flynn Recovery Community program, the following requirements must be met:

  • Must be an adult male

  • Sober/clean for 30 days at time of admission

  • Have prior recovery attempt(s)

  • Exhibit motivation for sobriety

For more information or to make a referral, contact the Program Director, Matt Hare at 828-437-9491.

An intake interview will then occur and the individual will meet with the Program Director and the Clinical Director. Medical and treatment records will be reviewed as well as recommendations from referral sources.

Once an individual is accepted for treatment, the Program Director will guide them through the additional steps in person; including expected costs and other pertinent information.

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