Doing business as Burke Recovery, The Burke Council on Alcoholism and Chemical Dependency, Inc. is a private, non-profit organization.  The Council believes alcoholism and chemical dependency are treatable diseases.  We focus our efforts on education, prevention, and rehabilitation in the field of alcoholism and chemical dependency.  We have divided our services & programs into 3 major categories- Prevention/ Education, Treatment, and Recovery Support.

Prevention / Education

Burke Recovery has several programs specifically designed to educate and promote awareness throughout the community. Some of these programs include the Student Assistance Program, Faith-Based Community Recovery Initiative, and Public Education and Training Initiative. Please click on "more info" for a complete list of our current Prevention / Education services and programs.


The treatment category offers a wide variety of services and programs. This category is divided into 3 sub categories:

Adolescent Treatment

Adult Treatment

Family Treatment

Recovery Support Services

Substance dependency is a chronic disease that, left untreated, is progressive and can be fatal.  It is caused by a genetic predisposition or environmental factors (continued use/abuse).

At Burke Recovery we feel there are many paths to recovery.  God (Higher Power) can intervene in someone’s life and take away the desire/need to use substances.  Participation in a treatment program (outpatient or inpatient) in often necessary to break the cycle of dependency.  Many people find recovery through 12-Step fellowships like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA).  Many family members of addicts find recovery from the family illness of addiction in Al-Anon or CODA (Co-Dependents Anonymous).

However sobriety occurs, good therapy and on-going support can provide opportunities to rebuild self-esteem, repair relationships and help people discover new lives in recovery!  Contact Burke Recovery at 828-433-1221 for more information on Recovery Support Services.

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